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R T Kendall is a wonderful writer.  His books are simple, clear and practical and his book on Joseph, God Meant it for Good, is no exception.

A friend of mine lent me their copy when they heard about my series on Joseph and I have been working my way through it by reading a chapter or two at a time.  Because it’s an older edition the language is a little dated (the translation of the bible used and hymns quoted a little difficult to read) but it’s a hurdle well worth overcoming for the really good truths that he presents.

Kendall is clear on doctrine and presents some really helpful insights in a very readable way.  Some of them have been difficult to think about and apply simply because they are so challenging, but that’s a good thing.  It helped me evaluate decisions and plans I have had with a new perspective.  Sometimes it feels as though he writes about things beyond the text but it doesn’t detract from the value of his thinking.

If the story of Joseph has blessed or challenged you, this book would be a really good read.

I am currently reading discipling, coaching, mentoring by Bryn Hughes.  I have read it several times before but it’s one of those books that is so helpful and practical that I am definitely benefitting from reading it again.

The book has some great chapters on the process of discipling, trust, asking questions and feedback.  There’s a really helpful chapter on being down in the valleys.

I have used a lot of the ideas and illustrations from this book myself over the years and continue to find them valuable.  Bryn has shaped my ministry.  And key to much of the value of this book is Bryn’s approach to mentoring and discipling – he is relational in his outlook and it is an approach which resonates with me.  It is certainly a rewarding one.

If you want to be discipled (and I think it’s good for all of us) or you would like to disciple others, then this book will be valuable to you.  And you’ll find yourself reading it more than once over the next few years.


I like The Bible Speaks Today series, in both old and new testament.  They are a great introduction to every book of the bible.  They are readable – you can treat them like a novel if you wish to – and informative.  They give a fresh perspective on many passages and certainly help with the bigger picture.

I began reading the two books on Genesis earlier this year and have certainly enjoyed both of them.  The second book (covering chapters 12-50) remains on my “still reading” pile because I occasionally refer to it when preparing a blog post on Joseph.  It’s been very helpful.

I recommend this series.  If you haven’t used it yet and you’re looking for a simple way to gain more from your personal bible reading, give this series a try.  And when you’ve benefitted from it with your favourite books of the bible, try one you haven’t read much for a while.  I think you will be blessed.

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