So, I have this cave.  I think many self-respecting bears have a cave.

It’s not much of a cave.  Basic.  No facilities.  But the most important thing about my cave is that it’s mine.  And you’re not welcome.

Don’t take that personally.  Nobody is welcome.

Even if someone I really love follows me into my cave, I tend to lose it with them.  A bear needs privacy every now and then.

My family has got pretty used to the process.  They can spot when I’m heading for my cave – a quiet place where I can reflect on things and try to figure out what’s going on in my life.  They know that when I’m ready, I will wander back into the woods with them.

Other people aren’t quite so perceptive.

It probably doesn’t help that my cave is a bit of a nomadic place.  Sometimes it’s my room, sometimes it’s my garden.  It can be a walk in the country, a drive in the car or a bench in the park.  There are no sign posts.

But you do need to remember this: never follow a bear into his cave.