Hibernating.  NoImagew there’s a concept.  This year, I have been giving it a try.  It’s not that I deliberately chose to hibernate, it’s just that I kind of ended up doing it.  I haven’t posted since Christmas Eve and that’s just one way in which I have been out of circulation.

I’ve been asleep a lot too.  That’s an important part of the process, apparently.

And my heart rate has dropped, at least I think it has.  My GP says I need to raise it two or three times a week in any event.

Anyway, I have decided that hibernating hasn’t been very helpful.  I enjoy a little time on my own, I haven’t enjoyed four months on my own.  But now that spring is here and I have woken up, it’s time to get on with life.  Apart from anything else, Mrs Bear and the three cubs need a little attention…