At the beginning of December, Faith Hope and Enterprise took on a new four bedroom house in Derby.  It is now full, bringing the number of our residents to 27 and we plan to take another property in the New Year.  Tomorrow, we will share our family Christmas dinner with 11 residents while 6 others will be spending the day with their own family, something they were not able to do when they first came to us.

During the year I have heard some incredibly moving stories.  Dreadful childhoods, appalling abuse, broken relationships and powerful addictions.  Not everyone has been able to overcome these barriers, but for many this has been a year of positive change and progress.  I have been so blessed by them and have never been happier with the mix of people I am working with or the overwhelmingly good choices they are making.

This week, I heard in the news that in the UK the life expectancy of people without a home is 30 years less than the average.  I am glad to be able to give a small number of people a chance to live longer and happier lives.  And I look forward to 2012 because like them, I have hope for the future.