As we worshipped this morning at Jubilee, I was very aware of an inter-weaving of two truths. 

The words to the songs we were singing spoke of God being greater than anything else, of how He  stood before the beginning of time and spoke creation into being.  Songs about healing and salvation. 

At the same time, the Spirit was giving gifts that spoke of God as with us, close to us, intimately involved with us.

These two truths are found throughout the Bible.  God is transcendent.  He is Almighty, all-powerful, unlike any other god, He cannot even be compared to them.  God is also imminent.  He is with us, His Spirit lives within us, He cares passionately about us.

And He is both of these things at the same time. 

It’s not that we’re working with two separate applications, having to flip between them, minimising one application when we want to work in the other.  God is not sometimes transcendent and sometimes imminent.  God is always both transcendent and imminent.  Right now, at this point in your life, God is above and beyond the universe, knowing the name of every star He created and He is in the room with you, loving and caring for you.

How wonderful is that?