Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about how to encounter God more often and one of the radical conclusions I’ve come to is that in order to meet Him more, I need to pray more. 

It’s like one of those strange research projects that company’s pay universities thousands of pounds for only to discover that the leading experts in their field have concluded the outstandingly obvious. 

I’ve done it for free.

If you want to encounter God more, spend more time with Him.

For me I think that means more time devoted to prayer, more of those in-the-moment prayers, more time with other Christians praying.  It was really good to get together with my church family this week to pray – I thrive around the faith and zeal of other Christians.

In thinking about Jeremiah’s prayer in chapter 12 over the last few weeks, it seems obvious to me that this is something he does a lot.

Do you want to encounter God more?  Spend more time in prayer.