It’s funny what life throws up every now and then isn’t it?  This year on holiday one thing that all three of my children were unanimous in wanting to experience was Go Ape at Dalby Forest in the North York Moors.  Thirty metre high platforms and a 250 metre long zip wire.  Over three hours of high-flying scares and thrills.

Torture for me because I really do not like heights. 

Ever since they were young my children have been throwing themselves off drop slides which I have found too frightening to attempt and going on roller coasters I would never dream of sitting in.  Or even watching to be honest.

But at Go Ape an adult can only supervise two children under the age of sixteen.  And we have three of them.  So for all the children to be able to enjoy the experience, I had to do it too. 


But I did do it.  I’m not sure how I did it; I can’t remember much about it, but I did do it.  I know that I did because I’m still finding bits of bark chipping in my trousers.

When we sat down together at the end of the holiday, I asked everyone for their top three memories.  Go Ape was there for all of us.  So I’m glad I did it too.

What was going through my mind as I prepared to throw myself into free fall for some zip wire or to crash into a cargo net?  “Trust it.  You are safe.”

And sometimes that’s how life works isn’t it?  You can feel all sorts of things (fearful, insecure, vulnerable) but you know that if you trust God, you are safe.  You are safe, and your life and the lives of people around you, will be greatly enriched.

It isn’t always easy – He never said it would be – but the rewards are always there.  So, even when you are feeling fearful and insecure, do you trust Him?