Do you want to do great things for God?  Do great things at home.  You want to make a real difference in the world?  Make a difference at home.  You want to lead people?  Lead at home.  You want the world to worship Jesus?  Worship Jesus at home.

It’s not complicated.  If you want to live for God, you have to live for God at home.  If you don’t do it there, you can’t do it anywhere. 

So when Gideon sets out to change the world, to free his nation from the tyranny of foreign rule, he has to start by tearing down the altars to other gods at home (Judges 6:25-27).

Now you may not have wooden poles to strange fertility gods in your front room, but you probably do have a TV.  Just imagine how many gods a day that thing shows you.

Why had Gideon and his family got an altar to Baal at home?  Because we can learn to live with anything.  We can even learn to live with other gods.  Here’s why it’s tough.

  1. Other gods creep in unnoticed.
  2. Everyone does it so it must be OK.
  3. It’s too much hastle to rock the boat.

But God doesn’t tolerate rivals.  And we cannot bring into the public realm what we do not have in the private one.  Trying to is hypocrisy.  Jesus never really liked that much.  So even if the thought of it scares you, it’s good to sweep your house clean every now and then.  That’s what Gideon did.  Because for every great man and woman of God, it all starts at home.