I first came across the idea of a personal motto some years ago and I liked it.  My motto is a simple phrase that helps me understand who I am and how I live.  I devised one for myself that was sufficiently succinct and easy to remember.

My motto is this: I am chosen, given, accountable.

I understand that to mean that I am chosen by God (giving me a right sense of self-worth and security), that I am given to the church (as a pastor and teacher, from thinking about Ephesians 4:11) and that I am accountable (to God first and then to the church).

This motto shapes my thinking and in 2010 will be the basis of some significant decisions that I need to make.

I have found it helpful to have such a simple measure for weighing my choices and actions.  And along with my character development and daily checklist I review it at this time of year.  This year it will be unchanged (I haven’t changed it for a long while now) but the value of thinking about it again is great.