I went to see New Moon last night with one of my daughters.  I have to pause having said that because when I started out as a parent I had some very firm ideas about what I would and wouldn’t do with them and watching a film about vampires and werewolves wasn’t on my “will do” list.  In fact I think I would have been shocked by the thought.

Anyway, the girls are growing up and learning to make their own judgement calls.  I think that my responsibility is to help them learn how to make good decisions not to make decisions for them.  The older they get, the more freedom I give them.  And they make pretty good choices too.  My daughter has loved the books (they read far too much for me to act as a censor any more) and it was the chance for a good night out together.  We even had a meal afterwards.

Anyway, New Moon is a story of forbidden love which borrows aspects of its plot from Romeo and Juliet.  The play is even referenced in the film.  It is the story of a girl who is loved by a boy, a werewolf and a vampire.  But Bella loves the vampire.  It’s a dangerous love that causes a lot of heartache.  And it ends with a marriage proposal.

And that’s one of the strange things about this film (and I think about the Twilight saga as a whole).  It’s a love story with a plot that is timeless and familiar.  It’s just the setting that is modern.  Does the nature of the characters make it harmful?  I don’t think so.  Did I enjoy the night out with my daughter?  Very much.