I am currently reading discipling, coaching, mentoring by Bryn Hughes.  I have read it several times before but it’s one of those books that is so helpful and practical that I am definitely benefitting from reading it again.

The book has some great chapters on the process of discipling, trust, asking questions and feedback.  There’s a really helpful chapter on being down in the valleys.

I have used a lot of the ideas and illustrations from this book myself over the years and continue to find them valuable.  Bryn has shaped my ministry.  And key to much of the value of this book is Bryn’s approach to mentoring and discipling – he is relational in his outlook and it is an approach which resonates with me.  It is certainly a rewarding one.

If you want to be discipled (and I think it’s good for all of us) or you would like to disciple others, then this book will be valuable to you.  And you’ll find yourself reading it more than once over the next few years.