I used to earn a living looking at architectural drawings.  Yawn.  One of the tricks of understanding them was to be able to examine individual details while knowing how they fitted into the grand scheme of things.  It was more fun when plans became computerised because then a simple roll of the mouse could zoom you in and out.  One second I was looking at an entire shopping mall, the next I was checking that the right fire exit sign was being placed on a specific door.

It’s helpful to have that ability when we read the bible too because every detail fits into an overall plan.  We have already thought about that in this series – God is using Joseph to preserve the descendants of Abraham so that all His promises to Abraham can be fulfilled.

But every now and then something else is going on too.  And in the story of Joseph we have a little picture of how God saves people.  A little picture of a saviour.  You can’t press that picture too far – it won’t hold up – but it is there. 

Joseph is betrayed by his brothers.  He is sold for 20 shekels of silver.  He seems to have died.  Yet ultimately he saves them from death.  He gives life to his brothers and hope to his family.  He becomes their saviour.

We have a saviour too.  Jesus lived a blameless life, was betrayed by one of his followers for thirty pieces of silver, he really did die on the cross.  His father sees the blood.  He really was raised from the dead.  He did it for us.  And when we trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins – all the things we have done or not done that offend God – we too are forgiven.  And we too are given life: eternal life.

And whatever part of the bible we are reading it will in some way point towards Jesus.  So let’s remember how to zoom out to that picture every now and then.  It’s good for us to do.