Do you ever get indigestion?  I’m not sure I should confess this because it makes me sound like a pig but my default eating speed is definitely “too fast.”  Sometimes we sit down to lunch and I only have one bite of a sandwich before it strikes.  Fizzy drinks – man, don’t ask.

I have to consciously slow down to enjoy my food without pain.

I have to do that when I’m reading the bible too.  I have to consciously slow down.  I hinted at that when I posted on howya doin’? earlier in this series on Joseph and I’ve had to do it again here.  Why?  Because I just want to get on with the story about Joseph.  Except that it’s not really about Joseph is it?  What we’re reading here is the grand sweeping tale of God’s redemptive love for His people, that began before creation, centres on the cross of Jesus and ends in eternal glory.  Joseph is just one character who is part of that incredible story.

And so are we – you and me.  We are just one person in God’s amazing story.

And what we miss sometimes when we bolt down entire chapters at a sitting is that God’s story is unfolding too.  Quietly in the corner.  Unspoken on occasions – merely hinted at on others.  God’s story.

Yes – Joseph has risen to prominence.  Yes he is now a family man.  Yes he’s a man of planning and action.  But what’s also happening here?  God’s plan is being worked out.  The years of plenty are here (41:47) – and gone.  The years of famine arrive (41:54) – pre-ordained by God.  Egypt is affected (41:56); the whole world is affected (41:57).  Jacob is affected (42:1).

God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are being fulfilled.  Joseph’s dreams are moving toward realisation.  The story on which the whole of biblical history turns – the redemption of God’s people – is unfolding.

And the same is true of your situation right now.  Your life story is amazing: the twists and turns, the highs and lows, the joy and the pain.  You seen some things haven’t you?  Been through some things?  But even in your life story, you’re not the central character.  You’re not.  God is.  God is the one at work through all the years – choosing you in Jesus Christ, “before the foundation of the world,” (Ephesians 1:4).  Why?  So that we, “might be to the praise of His glory,” Ephesians 1:12.  Because it’s His story really.

So my advice is this.  Slow down.  Look around you: look at your circumstances and at your relationships.  What is God doing through all of this right now?  And how do you fit into His story?