Irena SendlerOK, fair enough.  No sooner have I posted about Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize than a good friend emails me the story of this lady.  Irena Sendler watched the Nazis force 350,000 Jews into the Warsaw ghetto in 1940, where many died of starvation and disease before they ever reached the concentration camps.  With forged documents that enabled her to work as a nurse inside the ghetto, Sendler spent 16 months helping to organise smuggling out 2,500 Jewish children to safety.  She was arrested by the Gestapo in October 1943.

She was beaten until her legs and feet were broken, rendering her permanently disabled, but she never revealed any of her secrets.  She was sentenced to death but escaped, hoping to re-unite the families she had helped.  That wasn’t possible.  Only 1% of the ghetto’s inhabitants survived the war, most perishing at Treblinka.

Why is this relevant?  Because in 2007 she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  It was awarded to Al Gore.  This year 205 people were nominated for the award and among them there may be another great, untold story.